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Topic: Wierd Scenes Inside my Goldmine

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    Talking Wierd Scenes Inside my Goldmine

    Folks. I have a problem that's really bugging the hell out of me. I'm playing 2 chords/triads - Fmaj then Aminor. The triads are split between the 1st Violins lush, 2nd violins lush and the violas lush as follows: the violas play the root, 1st violins play the 3rd, and 2nd violins play the 5th notes of each triad. The chords are played as whole notes as a single long sustained down bow (over a single measure) which gradually fades to zero before the next chord is played. I'm realising this with Sonar 3 SE and GPO as a DXi in my sequencer.

    The only way I can think of actually achieving the sound I want is to manually draw in the mod wheel data (cc#1) in piano roll view. The first chord (Fmaj) is no problem, it sounds and then fades away to zero just before the end of the chord - great. The mod wheel data looks like a right angle triangle which hits zero just before the end of the measure. The problem is with the second chord. No matter what I try, I can hear a definite increase in volume just as the chord sounds before it is held and begins to fade - in fact it sounds like peeyooooooooo instead of just yooooooo. The way I've drawn the controller data it looks like a skewed triangle going from zero at the start of each note to its full volume (about 96) a couple of ticks in before it begins to gradually fade. This is the best I can get but its not what I want - it sounds AWFULL! if I draw the controller data same as I did for the first chord it sounds even worse.

    Any help/tips will be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, CD

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    Re: Wierd Scenes Inside my Goldmine

    Could you post files for us to check out?

    - m
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    Re: Wierd Scenes Inside my Goldmine

    Maybe you should put the mod back up RIGHT when the next chord starts. Or leave a few ticks of silence (or even a whole sixteenth or thirtysecond or something). Also make sure the velocity is up there. If the velocity is low, the attack will be softer, making the note 'fade in' very quickly.

    Hope this helps!

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