I have to setup 4 Western Digital Raptors 74GIG 10K in a Tyan Dual Opteron System and I´m not exactly sure which stripe size is right for my demands.

Write speed does not matter that much due to the fact these SATA HDs are supposed to be Giga/Kontakt playback drives, maybe playback also some videos.

So my questions are:

1) Which stripe size should be used when setting up the array (4K-512K) for high polyphony (this drive array will not be used just for big files, also percussion, string patches, so high poly is appreciated and the drives have many files to locate and stream.

2) What stripe size is recommended for playback of bigsized, but continues files (like video, or patches of long legatos, etc...)

3) Does overall performance actually improve when putting all 4 drives together in Raid 0 array or better results with 2 arrays at 2 HDs each?

thanks a lot, greetings from austria!