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Topic: Separate instrument (or sample) licensing??

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    Separate instrument (or sample) licensing??

    Hello people. Been away for a while and I'm happy to see the community is still growing!

    The flood of orchestral samplers that mr Garritan has triggered with his excellent product shows no signs of slowing down. Each and every claiming to be the best.

    And I was thinking ...

    Shouldn't there be a separate sample licensing, somewhat akin to legal MP3 downloads? If, for instance, all you need is a really loud and bright JohnWilliamsesque brass section attack ... should you really be forced to buy a thousand $/euro brass library? Wouldn't it be nicer to give the 30 - 50 $ and just get the samples you desperately need?

    Mind you, buying every cool bit of software you lay your eyes upon CAN BE hard in countries with no nuke warheads and space program.

    What do you folks think of that? Feel free to contradict me, of course

    Cheers Matt

    PS. Will post some music soon, I promise.

    PPS. How's that Advanced GPO coming along?

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    Re: Separate instrument (or sample) licensing??

    I'd always hoped that a "pick and choose" model would develop in the industry such that you could build your own library that appeals to your ears and ensemble needs.

    However, since nobody can agree on a consistent control scheme, you currently have to master each library you pick!

    Still, many people do it today, and sometimes they wind up not using substantial portions of expensive libraries they've bought.

    Luckily, some libraries are more affordable than others!

    - m
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