Demo by Jamie Christopherson
Faith Distorted

Composer's Notes
Faith Distorted is my second Giovani demo. I wanted to tap into the more eerie and evil side of the choir (the additional effects are great). I wanted my approach to be completely different from the first one, “Heavens Part”, which focused more on the angelic quality of the singers. So, late one night in my studio, I turned off the lights and started playing with the samples. When I heard the Lord’s Prayer as one of the instruments, I knew that it would be the foundation for my cue. To make it sound even more trippy and eerie, I ran the prayer (and the male whispers) through Spectral Delay and then starting forming a cue around that vibe. After the prayer, we get into a more groove based section, and the the choir opens up a bit to cut through the thick drum sounds. Of course, I couldn’t resist throwing in one more “Amen” at the very end of the piece. AMEN!

Jamie Christopherson
Music for Films, Games and TV
Soundelux Design Music Group

The Giovani Edition - Voices of the Young

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