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Topic: Sorry I'm using Soundclick!

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    Sorry I'm using Soundclick!

    Hi folks - in my efforts to find some web space to host my files I went to soundclick, not realising quite how it worked. Anyway it's the best I have for now so if you can make it through the ads I have posted a couple of GPO pieces there. I'm a recent GPO owner and share the sentiments of many others here that it is a terrific tool.

    ps I'll look for some alternative web space for future postings..........any recommendations? My broadband gives me geocities web space but that seems restricted in how much can be up or downloaded from it.


    ok - I worked out how to insert the link!
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    Smile Re: Sorry I'm using Soundclick!

    ........in case you gave up on the previous post, whilst not ideal it's not too painful (the link or the music?! ) ! Any comments welcome.


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    Re: Sorry I'm using Soundclick!

    It took a while for me to figure out how to get to your song from your link.
    It's not readily apparent where to click on the page to find the music.

    But, once I found it, I really like your composition "Casualty Tango".


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    Re: Sorry I'm using Soundclick!

    Really enjoyed Casualty Tango. It has the melancholy feel of the old Tangos. You can get 1 gig of FTP storage at fluxservices.com for 7.95 a month.
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