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Topic: windows xp

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    windows xp

    Can i run Gigastudio using windows XP?

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    Re: windows xp

    No, not currently. An XP update is promised in November...

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    Re: windows xp

    This is also true for Win2K? I have been sitting here with my new copy of Gigastudio 96 for two weeks salivating.

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    Re: windows xp

    GigaStudio only works on Win95/98/Me. It does NOT currently work on Win 2000 or Win XP. Nemesys said they are working on a Win XP version.

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    Re: windows xp

    Just a couple more weeks and the XP compatible version will be released.
    By the way, BlindOwl, does your name come from the novel written by Sadegh Hedayat? I love that book!

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    Re: windows xp

    Interesting. I thought I had come up with a unique name back in 1988 when I started my project studio. I guess its hard to be completely original considering the breadth of humanity.

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    Re: windows xp

    The author of Blind Owl attempted suicide twice. The second time he used gas and was successful.
    Hope your projectstudio will not follow his example .
    The novel Blind Owl is excellent though.

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    Re: windows xp

    Does anybody know which version of windows xp or Windows 2000 will be better (most efficient) for use with Gigastudio?

    I am about to buy a PC for the sole purpose of running Gigastudio 96. As I understand it, I would benefit from not having to much unnecessary stuff in my operating system. True?


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    Re: windows xp

    Windows 2000 will not work with GigaStudio. As of now, we don\'t know when XP will work with Gigastudio either.

    I would guess that you don\'t need anything more than XP Home. XP Professional has extra features related to supporting multiple processors and other business related stuff, but I would guess that Gigastudio doesn\'t need any of that. So unless you have a dual-processor machine you are probably fine with XP Home. That is, if Tascam does actually release a version that works with XP.

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