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Topic: Happy Birthday CPTEXAS!

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    Happy Birthday CPTEXAS!

    Happy Birthday CPTEXAS!

    Chris, so, glad you're a part of this forum. Wishing you a very happy birthday years filled with all the good things in life and great music.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Happy Birthday CPTEXAS!

    Hey, we didn't forget!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris!! Make sure to party all day, eat lots of cake, and don't do any chores. And remember to sing the Lord's prayer! Hope you get some good presents, but be sure to save any money you get for college!

    Have a great birthday!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Happy Birthday CPTEXAS!


    Y'all are two hours early!!

    I was born exactly at 12:48 AM Eastern Time on Augest 18. So far I got a GREAT box of Godiva truffles. SOOOO good!!!!!!!!!! *drool*
    I've decided that every year for my birthday I'll try to get to try something new or do something I've always wanted to do. This year it's to play a real pipe organ. I play a hammond at church that have decorative pipes, but it just isn't cutting it. Next year it'll be a harpsichord! Then an alto flute...eventually a contrabassoon. When I go to Texas next week hopefully I'll get to play an organ.

    Thanks so much for the happiness birthdayness!
    I have a feeling this will be one of my best birthdays yet!

    I've been knagging y'all for about a week now for this thread. hehe.

    Thanks so much!

    EDIT: Gary, the link on your 'Happy Birthday CPTexas' doesn't go anywhere, just to let you know. You seem to be having bad link luck lately.

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    Re: Happy Birthday CPTEXAS!

    Happy Birthday!!!

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    Re: Happy Birthday CPTEXAS!

    I will be 15 in exactly...18 minutes!

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    Re: Happy Birthday CPTEXAS!


    I'm 15!!!!!!

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    Re: Happy Birthday CPTEXAS!

    No applause, please

    Just throw money!

    (Am I full of myself or what? )

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    Re: Happy Birthday CPTEXAS!

    Happy Birthday Chris,
    I think now you have something really awesome to celebrate!


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    Re: Happy Birthday CPTEXAS!

    Happy Birthday Chris - And I AM in Texas


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    Re: Happy Birthday CPTEXAS!

    Happy Birthday Chris!

    You are very talented and I wish you nothing but the best !

    If you get a chance, you should have your parents drive you down to Philly to see the Wanamakers Organ. It's played at least twice daily at the Lord and Taylor Department store in downtown Philadelphia.




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