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Topic: "Bach Goes Hawaiian" by Jack De Mello

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    "Bach Goes Hawaiian" by Jack De Mello

    Aloha Everyone!

    Jack De Mello just sent in a delightful piece done with the GPO harp.called "Bach goes Hawaiian".


    Jack writes: "my little piece with your wonderful harp is a group of variations on a very old 2 bar Hawaiian musical vamp interwoven with some short Bach like patterns .... fun to do ..."

    Jack de Mello has had an amazing and fascinating career. Jack recorded close to 160 albums of all types of music in some of the best studios around the world (including Decca Studios in London, Barclay Studios in Paris, RCA in Rome, major studios in Hollywood, New York, and Chicago). He recorded, arranged and popularized Hawaiian music and his arrangements have been performed by the London Philharmonic, the Tokyo Symphony, the Victor Concert Orchestra and the NHK Orchestra among others. Jack also composed and orchestrated music for Hanna Barbera for the Flintstones, the Jetsons, Magilla Gorilla, Top Kat and Ricochet Rabbit. He served as musical director of NBC in San Francisco and has composed nearly 500 commercials and jingles over the years

    This was fun to listen to Jack! As a harpist I applaud you. Thanks very much for sending this in.

    Enjoy this taste of paradise (pardise = harps & Hawaii) !

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: "Bach Goes Hawaiian" by Jack Di Mello


    Here is the link.
    Gary, you posted the URL with the space breaking it.

    Very delightful!! Now we need Gary to do a live performance of this for all of us!

    very cool!


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    Simply delightful Jack,
    another great piece for harp you make me listen!!!
    Very very lovely. Your Bach like patterns souds wonderful!!!
    Great work and great instrument!!

    Best to you Jack,
    hope to hear more of your music,

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    Re: "Bach Goes Hawaiian" by Jack Di Mello

    Now this is fun. I can just picture Johann Sebastian on the beach at Waimea sipping Primo wit da brahs. Seriously, this blending of Bach and Hawaiian tunes was seamless.
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    Re: "Bach Goes Hawaiian" by Jack Di Mello

    very cool!
    I like the oohs

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