hi all, I\'m new to this forum.
I\'m doing all kinds of searches on this forum but cannot really find a solid answer to my question so here it goes..

I\'ve got an Abit kt7a Raid mobo with Amd 1.33gig & SB gold card & 512MB Ram.
I\'ve been using Emu & Akai samplers for some time now but I\'ve had enough of these tiny LCD displays so I would like to start using GS.
I\'ve heard there\'s quite some poppin, click problems with VIA based chipsets.
I\'d like to stick with my current mobo & chip. So my question is if there\'s anyone here with a similar setup that uses GS without problems.
Which soundcard works best with the Abit kt7a (VIA mobo\'s) for AMD & GS. I would like to have 4 outputs or more but have no intention on spending large amounts of money on this. I was thinking about the Audiophile.