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Topic: Awards for STYLUS RMX?

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    Thumbs up Awards for STYLUS RMX?

    I've been using Stylus RMX since its released, and extensively on a TV show where the release of RMX was a God-send in terms of how completely useful it is. On the surface its amazing, under the hood, going deeper, its simply fantastic.

    Anyone aware any awards presented to Spectrasonics for Stylus RMX?

    Seriously, this is the most useful, most amazing product to come out in a long while. It's completely changed how I approach loop work, and even for one-shots that need fx and delays etc.

    Well done, Eric. I hope they send some major industry awards your way.

    In the mean time, customers such as myself are loving every minute of it.

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    Re: Awards for STYLUS RMX?


    What a cool post to read. It makes all the hard work of our team so worthwhile to get a response from a customer like this.

    We've been fortunate to win a number of awards so far for RMX...you can see them here:


    We were also nominated for the prestigious MIPA international award for Most Innovative Product of the Year for all categories (acoustic drums, guitars, keyboards, software, amplifiers, microphones, etc)...so that was a pretty amazing honor indeed!

    All the best and thanks for your support,


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    Re: Awards for STYLUS RMX?

    Truly, Eric, the more time one spends with this instrument, the more one becomes aware of what a classic it is. After a while it takes on a feel and a personality. It's SO well thought out from start to finish its mind-boggling. The very thing I used to find a big drag (syncing grooves and trying to keep them in sync, and then finding the time to get creative with them), is now a joy.

    Because of just how deep you can go with your creativity with it, because it IS so flexible and powerful and yet simple to use, you can really get very attached to it. It's like jamming on a favorite guitar or spending gobs of time hammering away at your favorite grand piano: you WANT to spend time with it, and it grows with you.

    I seriously think that RMX should become a new format that we see appropriate libraries embrace. I just ordered "chopped guitars" and "down tempo guitars" for example which were released in the format.

    Congratulations! I love this one: "faultless on every level"....well said!!

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    Talking Re: Awards for STYLUS RMX?

    As much as I don't want to inflate Eric's ego more than I already regularly seem to do,.... and as deep a respect as I have for Bob Moog and am saddened by his passing, I cannot say that I have even known of a more innovative committed and intelligent firm as Spectrasonics as Led by Doc Persing.

    Their grounding in integrity, commitment to excellence and commitment to their clients(big guy or little guy), is impossible to ignore.

    To me they have truly evolved and hit their stride making them truly #1 when it comes to "must have" products for me. And its pretty much accross all of their line of products. I have yet to be disappointed by any of all of the products that I own. I cannot imagine what they are going to come up with next...... and to be honest,.... I can't wait!

    OK.... you can all shoot me now for being such a shameless kiss asss!

    But dead or alive...... y'all know its true!!

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    Re: Awards for STYLUS RMX?

    I agree - there is nothing better out there than the Spectrasonics stuff. Bravo!

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    Re: Awards for STYLUS RMX?

    Spectrum doesn't know it, but he's won my company's 'The Best $400 I've Ever Spent On One Piece Of Gear Or Software Package In A Calendar Year' award four years running (Stylus, Atmosphere, Trilogy & Stylus RMX). Seriously, your programs are totally innovative and light years ahead of the pack. I have referred many sales to you over the years and will continue to do so, I'm just so knocked out by how sonically killer and intuitive your products are (not to mention that you make my life easier on a daily basis). If you ever have some spare time (and an extra few hundred thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket), I know a few thousand Pro Tools TDM users who would kill for TDM versions of your products : )
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