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Topic: Gates of Jerusalem

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    Gates of Jerusalem (GPO vs. LIVE)

    Thought I'd post some ear candy - I'm not totally happy with my work here and hope to tweak it some more but here's what I've got:

    Gates of Jerusalem:

    This has actually been performed live twice but was not recorded, so I use the GPO version as a demo on my compositions website. This is a fanfare for brass and percussion, presenting sprawling impressions of the many historic gates around the city of Jerusalem. The antiphonal arrangement places quartets of trumpets and trombones to the left and right with horns, tubas/euphoniums and percussion in the center. Surround sound, middle-eastern harmonies and scales, and a grand processional ending.

    Your feedback appreciated.
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    Very nice! I like this style. Nice powerful brass. No critiques, really. I really enjoyed it!


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    Re: Gates of Jerusalem


    Very nice composition. Well written and arranged. I like the middle eastern modality with the brass- it just works. The rips were a nice surprise. This must have been fabulous to hear this live (make sure to record it next time).

    Thanks for sharing the ear candy.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Gates of Jerusalem

    Wow! This is good. It really conveys images of the middle east. I would love to hear this live.
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    Re: Gates of Jerusalem

    Quote Originally Posted by valhalx
    I would love to hear this live.
    I totally second that!!

    This would be very very nice live.

    Wonderful brass writing! It is so inspiring - I am more of a string writer myself, but with GPO, I have become more brave and ventured into less traveled orchestral paths. And listening to your music here has inspired me to continue.

    What are you "unhappy" about with your work here? What tweaking do you think it needs? I totally love this. I am listening for the 5th time and it seems so powerful.

    Thank you for posting this!!!
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    Thumbs up Re: Gates of Jerusalem

    I really enjoy this one!!!!
    You did a great job in describe with music the Gates of Jerusalem.
    You did a particular great work with the brass!!!

    Congratulations for you very great job!!!


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    Re: Gates of Jerusalem


    this is awesome...nothing like some brass from the holy land...excellent work!!!

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    Re: Gates of Jerusalem

    I will never forget when I was a teenager, a college music group came to our church and gave a concert on a Sunday evening. One of the majestic sounding songs that they played was called Joshua Fit The Battle Of The Jericho, the percussionists with their timpani, bass drum and cymbals raised the roof!
    It was awesome.
    I like candy, and I like this piece too!


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    Re: Gates of Jerusalem

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. The fanfares are performed in an EXTREMELY live marble foyer... writing music that works well with that kind of reverb is challenging. Antiphonal parts, especially for the bell-front instruments, can be really effective though.

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    Re: Gates of Jerusalem

    OK, just for fun... here's the live recording. Turns out I did videotape the thing, and even though the camcorder sound quality is not great, I think it makes an interesting comparison:

    Gates of Jerusalem (Live)

    This was performed in the foyer before the concert, so the audience was not required to stop talking and milling about (hence lots of crowd noise).

    FYI, the cell phone playing Jingle Bells at the 1:00 mark is NOT in the score.

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