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Topic: A Question about strings

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    Talking A Question about strings

    Dear All

    Am I correct in thinking that if you write a line for full strings and assign it to the Full Strings patch, the cellos, basses, violas & violins will automatically drop out/drop in when the line goes outside/inside their range, or is there some kind of automatic 'compensation' going on to keep the sound 'full'.

    Cheers, CD

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    Re: A Question about strings

    It seems to select a section by range.

    I think of the full strings as a quick-and-dirty mockup tool only, since one can't write for any of the sections outside of the smallish range in that patch. I almost always use the individual patches for more control.
    - Jamie Kowalski

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    Re: A Question about strings

    I think as one range crosses into another the sounds cross. Like a middle c would be a cross between (just making up numbers of how I would program the middle C) 30%violin, 40% viola, 30% cello, and 0% bass.

    I think...

    Tom would know!


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