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Topic: anyone having trouble loading 2.54 .gsp's

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    anyone having trouble loading 2.54 .gsp's

    When I load .gsp's saved originally in V 2.54 into 3.10, the loading stops many times with a prompt that there was a loading problem. This happens six or seven times on a large template, then the programs don't respond to MIDI correctly. (performance tool problems, some instruments won't respond at all-) Anyone else?

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    Re: anyone having trouble loading 2.54 .gsp's

    Solved this one myself, and the answer was so strange I though I'd post it, less anyone else run into it- This Giga computer (Carillon) has a Wavecenter card, and in GS3 under system settings, if any of the input channels are checked but have no active digital input physically hooked up to the card, Giga doesn't like it. It responds by refusing to load .gsp's from version 2.54, and midi functions don't work properly! Unchecking the inputs and hitting "Apply" fixed both problems. Go figure-

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