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Topic: New piece -- need your advice on further development!

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    New piece -- need your advice on further development!

    Howdy to all!

    I've been kicking this thing around for a few weeks and before I develop it any further (and give it a real ending!) I wanted to post it for feedback. Please know that it's a work in progress! The ending is just temporary! It's also kinda bombastic in the first section, be forewarned.

    My goal was to compose a sketch for full orchestra that would be fairly chromatic (in a more 19th century sense than "atonal" sense). The theme itself is mostly halfsteps, as is the developmental structure. Toward the end (at around 2:15), it gets quiet, and then you'll hear an oboe solo from 3:00 onward for a few seconds. I'd love feedback on how that specific transition works... the idea was to introduce a more lush diatonic approach after all the chromatic development earlier.

    Some tweaking of balance/EQ is still plainly needed (the horns aren't as fat and fiery as I'd like). Also, pardon the few engineering glitches here and there -- full orchestra tends to max out my gear!

    Anyway, enough blather... I'm trying to discover where this piece is going, and I really value your advice on this forum, so thanks to all you composers in advance!

    Here's the link:

    Steve Main

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    Re: New piece -- need your advice on further development!

    Nice work!

    A great film score theme… very lively and action packed.

    My only critique would be: perhaps a few too many symbol crashes in the opening segment..

    … and also the very ending calm seemed to be a bit low in volume.. Barely audible ( to my poor ears).

    That's about it.

    Great work!


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    Re: New piece -- need your advice on further development!


    I really enjoyed this,

    Some really great writing in there. Lot's of energy. Nice mix too, all the instruments are well balanced and very clear.

    Thanks for sharing,


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    Thumbs up Re: New piece -- need your advice on further development!

    WOW you did a great job here. I found this work extremely interesting even if i don't know very well the 19th century music!!
    I really love the passage of the oboe, what an intimate sound!!!
    I think it works great, but please as many as told me try to to develop it further: it is simply wonderful!

    Also from the orchestration poit of view, you did a very very nice work with GPO!!!
    I hope to hear your music many time in the next future.

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    Re: New piece -- need your advice on further development!

    Great composition. Very exciting and energetic.

    I wouldn't dare to make suggestions, but there was one spot (around 1:35) where you have violins playing. THey sounded a bit too detached for the melody, maybe the attacks are a bit strong for that moment. Just my opinion.

    I loved this!

    Kind Regards


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    Re: New piece -- need your advice on further development!

    WOW! This is good! Excellent writing and orchestration. The oboe is sooo elegant. I would second the ending being a bit soft and the oboe could come up and possibly be extended. Perhaps a good ending would be to return to the beginning. Great work.
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    Re: New piece -- need your advice on further development!

    Thanks all for taking the time to listen, and for your suggestions... I REALLY appreciate the feedback!

    Isn't it interesting how composition works? I probably spent 90% of my time on this piece in the complicated, energetic, "loud" part. And then, mostly because I wanted something softer and I wanted to post it to you all, I sorta whipped out the oboe section at the end in an evening.

    And yet that's the part that I think people will probably gravitate to more than any other. Isn't that a kick? Composition is a strange thing.

    Thanks, everybody!
    Steve Main

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    Re: New piece -- need your advice on further development!

    Hi steve

    Congrats on such a great piece really loved it.
    I agree with jsp2 the calmer oboe and string bit at the end could come up so much in the mix.

    only thing that sounded abit off to my ears was the fast stac strings at about 30 to 40 secs in. they seemed to go out of time then come back in. this might be deliberate

    Anyway brill music

    Regards Chris

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    Re: New piece -- need your advice on further development!

    Very nice! Me likes it!
    The chromatics seem very Harry Potter-like. Good energetic sound! Very magical!

    I like the oboe soft ending. I would suggest using the oboe 3 solo for this ending--my personal preference. The oboe 3 has a really nice vibrato and a very rich, deep sound.

    I didn't really think the ending was too soft (for my somewhat younger ears). I really liked it!


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    Re: New piece -- need your advice on further development!

    Thanks, all!

    (Busily jotting down all these notes to myself). Your comments are really helpful. It's so cool to get other peoples' ears on a project when you've heard it too many times in the work-stage.
    Steve Main

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