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Topic: MC3000 - $799 ! - The ultimate master keyboard

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    MC3000 - $799 ! - The ultimate master keyboard

    Just in case you need a master GiGa keyboard: http://www.musicyo.com/product_specs.asp?pf_id=322

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    Re: MC3000 - $799 ! - The ultimate master keyboard

    RE: MC3000

    \'Looks like a very nice controller (the entire lineup can be seen at Viscount Italy site, under Oberheim). The MC2000EX looks good too. Their piano sounds seem to have the same sypathetic resonance system as the GeneralMusic (maybe both are using the Padua research??). This is a good thing to layer into Giga sample pianos - most do not have the all critical sympathetics. The GEM Pro-Mega-3 looks good too.

    I wonder what the midi-contact setup is in these machines? I hope it\'s not the mid-90\'s design (Fatar??) used in the Peavey C8 lineup, with reactive metals. (I have a C8P and its midi contacts need professional de-oxidization every 6 months).

    If you find any more info. (reliability issues) on these new Oberheims please post it! - I am shopping for a reliable rust-proof smog-proof controller!

    -Happy music making! -Stories.

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