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Topic: Raid 0 on Asus motherboard

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    Raid 0 on Asus motherboard

    I am in the process of running 2- SATA Seagate 400mb drives in a Raid 0 setup on a P4C800-E Deluxe motherboard ....I already have 2 IDE drives hooked up ...One for system, and programs ( IDE 1) , and the other for samples ( IDE 2)....I would like to take all my samples and put them on the Raid 0 SATA setup and keep IDE 1 for system and programs, and IDE 2 drive for my audio ...

    Question: ... When configureing my 2 - SATA drives for Raid0 , do the jumpers on the drives have to be set up as Master or Slave ?.....I'm assuming that since the IDE drive 1 has the system on it , that it is in fact the Master and all other drives INCLUDING the SATA drives set up for Raid0 are Slaves ...
    Am I correct in this assumtion or am I off base here ?.....If I'm not correct, please let me know the right way of setting this up ....Thanks in advance for your time.....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: Raid 0 on Asus motherboard

    After doing more research, I found that on an Intel setup like mine, when hooking up ANYTHING to S-ATA, it does NOT matter whether the drives are set o master or slave since you are only hooking up ONE hard drive to each S-ATA channel at a time .... Jim

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