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Topic: Native Indian Flute

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    Native Indian Flute

    wondering if someone could tell me what kind of flute this was and if they knew of any library has sampled this. thanks again. this site is such a great resource.


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    Re: Native Indian Flute

    Hey locash,

    I think it might be from the Giga library selection. Giga actually has a library of native american flutes with a few articulations. That very well could be what your looking for. It almost sounds like a variation of a ney flute as well. I know East West Ra could certainly be suspect to that sample.

    Hope this leads you in the right direction.
    "I am the genius of me"

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    Re: Native Indian Flute

    Those samples are from "Voices of Native America". Lots of flute phrases from many different types of flutes on that cd. Redwood flute, birch and others. Multi-samples also. I've used them myself quite a bit over the years.
    Good luck.


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    Re: Native Indian Flute

    Great Tim. i just ordered both volumes a couple days ago. excited to hear them.

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