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Topic: Hooking up 2 keyboards with Giga

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    Hooking up 2 keyboards with Giga

    I have recently purchased the Kawai MP9000 Digital Piano and have a few questions pertaining to hook up with other Midi components to use with Giga

    I am using a Roland XP 30 Synthesizer that currently is used for all synthesis. The reason for purchase of Mp9000 was for the controller capability of a realistic touch for Piano samples.

    I am also using Cakewalk Music Software \"SONAR\"
    I also use a Software sampler such as Nemesys Gigastudio.

    We only have one MIDI IN/OUT on the Aardvark Pro 24/96 Soundcard itself where the Roland XP 30 is attached to.

    I wish to use the MP9000 as well the XP30 as a controller for the Gigastudio Samples and with a sequencer how would you set up the Kawai and XP 30 as far as MIDI ?

    Since we only have 1 MIDI IN/OUT on the Soundcard, is it possible to hook the Kawai MP9000 and Roland XP together with the MIDI THRU capability and make them work with Giga.

    How does Midi Thru really work?

    What is the right way to do this? Keeping in mind latency etc.

    Could you give me a typical setup if I wish to use two keyboards, but use the Kawai for the main Piano?

    These answers would be greatly appreciated



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    Re: Hooking up 2 keyboards with Giga

    Hello Dafrica,

    Whatever signal goes in the Midi In port goes out by way of the Midi Thru port. So that wouldn\'t help you, you\'d still need two midi in\'s on the Aardvark.

    There are two possible solutions: 1)if either of your keyboards has the capability of merging data that comes into the midi in, with data going out the midi out; or 2) getting a small, inexpensive midi patchbay or router.

    Two keyboards shouldn\'t give you much latency but if it\'s a concern, then #2 is the way to go.

    I hope this helps.


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