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Topic: Unsure of cause of pop crackle problem

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    Unsure of cause of pop crackle problem

    The situation:

    1)playing giga instruments via midi is fine;
    2)playback of midi g/i after recording midi into Cubase VST is fine;
    3)recording the audio back into VST digitally via my Audiophile 2496 produces crackles pops and sometimes hangups.

    I don\'t know whether I\'m pushing the CPU to hard, or if it\'s the hard drive- I suspect the HD.

    PIII 1Gig, 128 mb Ram, GigasamplerLE

    The UDMA/66 drive is a 30gb Quantum Fireball lct.20 The specs (why I think it\'s the drive) say there\'s an average seek time of 12ms and that there\'s a buffer(is buffer the same as cache?)of 128.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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    Re: Unsure of cause of pop crackle problem

    You\'re making the hard drive do double duty when you either record GS or output to a file. It is only reading files when you play, but it is both reading and writing when you record. If you can\'t dedicate a second drive to your Gigasamples, the next best thing to do is patition your drive into three drives, one for programs, one for recordings, and one for Gigasamples. Also, follow the optimization tips here: http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/Forum17/HTML/000089.html and here: http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/Forum17/HTML/000003.html

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    Re: Unsure of cause of pop crackle problem

    thanks for the help killerbobjr, I\'ll give your suggestions a try.


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