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Topic: Virtual Grand Question

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    Virtual Grand Question


    I just got the full Kontakt 2 and have been playing with the VGP in that. For some reason, the same patches dont seem to have the same sound for me under kontakt that they have under the VGP player. Having just installed kontakt, i have no doubt it may be some setting i'm not applying or something, but they sound brighter under kontakt 2 for me than under the VGP player. Any suggestions?



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    Re: Virtual Grand Question

    The most likely scenario is that the VGP Kontakt player has built-in programming (EQ, filters, etc.) to achieve the particular varieties of sounds that are part of VGP. When you load them into full Kontakt, some of these settings don't translate and that changes the sound. The same thing happens with GPO instruments in that a lot of the feature settings are dumped. The best you can do is try to find out exactly what settings are used by the VGP player and try to duplicate them in Kontakt.

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    Re: Virtual Grand Question


    There is a bug in Kontakt 2 that does something to the sound of the Basic Presets that have EQ1 in VGP. The work-around is to delete the LFO module when one of these presets is loaded in Kontakt 2. The LFO module is only needed when using the Player format.

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