Hello all-
I was wondering if someone might have an idea as to what I\'m doing wrong. I have a Win98 setup with both a SB Audigy card and an Echo GINA24 card. Here\'s my situation...I\'m using the GINA as my main recording card with everything from my mixing board (including a KURZWEIL 2500, microphones, etc...)going into that and GSTUDIO using outputs 3,4. When I record everything through SONAR, it seems to be hunky-dorey; but when I play it back through the AUDIGY, it seems that the GINA is actually recording at a very low level, because when I open Sound Forge, the waveform of the recording teeny-tiny. I\'ve checked the mixing settings on the Gina Console and everything is maximized, and I\'ve double and triple-checked the faders on the mixing board, but everything seems to be in order. I have noticed that if I try to completely crank the Kurzweil there is an annoying hiss...is this normal for this particular piece of gear?

Whoah this is a long post - one last thing; anyone else notice that Peter S. Advanced Orchestra is about ten times quieter than any other library?

Thanks for any help.

SONAR is my sequencer of choice