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Topic: King Idiot...gtr control

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    King Idiot...gtr control

    Hi King,

    Just wanted to know what kind of midi guitar controller you\'re using.


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    Re: King Idiot...gtr control

    hey sorry for the late reply dont check this section as much as I should

    I\'m using a Roland Guitar synth set up. GK-2A pickup on a mexi strat and the GR-33, then running out of that into a WamiRack.

    Its cool. I get some very cool results with horns when pitch bend tracking is turned on. You get slight pitch bends up to notes (great on horns) and down when you release a note as if the pressure of breath is weakening and the note drops just a tad. VERY COOL on slow trumpets. All this is in live playing and I haven\'t done much controlled sequencing with these tricks.

    Turnign the pitch bend off and doign a agressive vibrato between notes is REALLY cool for trills. If you set it to trigger the next note up.

    Another option withit is to \"bump\" the pitch controll data up to the next note. you end up with a \"legato\" note because its not triggering another sample..but jsut using pitch CC data to knock the pitch up/down to the corrrect note.

    Tho in general the tracking on the whole system is glitchy. Its all in technique to get the cleanest sound. Also thicker guage strings help it track better.

    I am outplaying it all together tho. For fast marcatto and percussive staccatto It isn\'t liking me much. It tends to track a note up too far when I pick too hard. I end up with a lot of ghost/slurred notes.

    oh and FORGET ABOUT step writing with this thing...

    I\'m looking into picking up a Z-tar Z6-S-P...in fact I will be ordering in the next few weeks. I still like the roland for a few things.....but I found those as flukes in the bad tracking

    I\'m thinking that I should have went with the Z-tar in the first place...What an amazing set of options on those things!! The joystick looks REALLY cool. I could set it up to do pitch AND filter/expression control to get a REALLY realistic tremolo/vibrato...since it IS pitch AND Volume that is altered when a player does this in real life.

    Not to mention all the cool programming things in the controller itself. I\'m quite excited about it now that I know what I\'m missing having the Roland ... grrr...more $$$ I swear I\'ve gone Gear happy the past few weeks... I\'m waiting on a couple of pay checks and then its on to the Ztar

    and nick\'s Choir library is NOT HELPING!!

    After all this is done tho,and after I\'m done with the current project I\'m on....IF I have time I think I\'m going to put together a Guitar Sample library with special programming options for Z-tars and Guitar synths. It may be a niche but might be cool..

    first up will be a \"heavy\" guitar for Munsie

    sigh I say all this, but I know I\'ll get busy on another project or jsut plain be lazy about it... I mean really....look at the amount of time that Scarbee puts into his libraries. I\'d love to have things that polished...but do I want to spend that kind of time..

    Really...I am an Idiot

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