i was planning to buy this 4 collections

SynthLine D50.Halion.dvd . $ 47.40
SynthLine XV5050.vol1.Mf. $ 47.40
SynthLine XV5080.vol52.Mf. $ 71.70
SynthLine JD800.Halion. $71.70

but now ,they are disappeared from their site...
it seems only the ones from Roland...
so..i was wonderin...
has Roland stopped their productions?
have i saved my money?
or it's only some sort of restylin of the site
durin the holidays?

i know maybe i'm offtopic..but...please help me
even if you know some other productions involvin
those 4 machines....
i just want to complete my studio and joyn them with my Fantom x6
and Triton Extreme