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Topic: Braveheart

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    Seems like almost everyone has done a GPO cover of a popular piece, so I figured it's time for my debut. I love the main theme for Braveheart, so here is my rendition of it using exclusively GPO. Hope you enjoy it.

    Braveheart Main Theme

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    Re: Braveheart

    Excellent work!

    My wife loves the music from that film, and she gave your demo a big thumbs up!
    Richard N.

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    Thumbs up Re: Braveheart

    Good work mscmixer!!
    It seems to go back in time.
    This movie is simply wonderful as well as its music.
    Great composer is also James Horner.
    You have done a fine job to GPO re-orchestrate this theme. I think it is one of the most known movie theme.
    Considering this one your first GPO piece, I think that going on you will leave us with no chances!!!
    Just one thing if I can permit is the entrance of the theme.
    I feel some background noise. Is that something related with mastering equalizing or anything else?

    Did you hear in braveheart theme some strings passage quite similar with those hear in the bicentennial man score?
    I have the soundtrack of bicentennial man movie (I found that incredible) and listening to your version I am sure that this passage is present in both score.
    Indeed this passage is extremely beautiful!.

    Congratulation mscmixer, very well done.
    Best to you,

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    Re: Braveheart

    Fantastic!! I always liked what Mr. Horner has done in movies. I especially loved the soundtrack to "Glory"
    Chef Marco Teti
    (Fine Replicated swords)

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    Re: Braveheart


    Oddly enough, James Horner is one of my LEAST favorite composers, I really am not impressed by most of his work.

    But Braveheart is one of my FAVORITE film scores. He really got it right on with that one. I wish his work was more consistent.


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    Re: Braveheart

    Thanks for the comments. The more I work with GPO, the more I'm amazed at what it's capable of.

    Roberto: I listened to the opening closely, and I do hear what you were talking about. It seems to be an EQ problem with the harp that I missed when I did the final recording. A little tweaking with the EQ should take care of that.

    Also, I haven't heard the soundtrack to Bicentennial Man, but I did hear that in Braveheart(and others), Horner sometimes re-used bits and pieces of his previous work in building the score. But then again, look at John Williams. I was watching Raiders of the Lost Ark the other day and if I were to listen only to that soundtrack, I could have sworn it was Star Wars.

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    Re: Braveheart

    I LOVE Braveheart. I thought it was one of the best movies I'd ever seen and one of the most effective film scores (I still have a grudge against Il Postino for robbing Horner of the oscar, even thought I know it doesn't mean much). I too did an arrangement of music from it, but for band (I knew I could get a performance that way; there wasn't an orchestra (or GPO) available). Horner does recycle from his own bag of tricks quite often, but many others, like Egliot Groldenthal is equally as guilty (just listen to Alien 3 and Final Fantasy). They are all guilty! Witch! Witch! I saw Goody Newton-Howard with the devil!

    Oh well, at least they are borrowing from themselves instead of ripping off Holst or Wagner. Hmmm... Okay I guess they've all done their share of ripping off the masters. Okay I guess we've all done our share of ripping off the masters and the thieves alike... But that's how we learn. I steal from you and you steal from me, and that's what we do. Well, hmmm...fingers pointing at fingers pointing.

    Okay nevermind! The point is: Good job. I enjoyed it.

    Gotta cut back on the caffeine...

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    Re: Braveheart

    well done mscmixer!!

    the arrangements are very nice indeed. here's some constructive feedback of what i thought...

    at 29 seconds i think it sounds a tad artificial, you main string melody is playing as a string ensemble patch isn't it. i've read that gpo is better using lots of solo strings than the ensemble patches.

    at 2:38 the brass sounds a little synthy there too.

    overall i say it's a very good job. though i can't talk i havn't done anything as good as this yet

    keep up the good work mate!

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    Re: Braveheart

    VERY nice mockup!

    The only thing I noticed is the high frequencies seemed a bit muffled.

    But really, I cannot even really fault that - that is a taste issue.

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    Re: Braveheart

    Make sure your flute gets a chance to "breath" between measures 2 and 3....

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