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Topic: Trilogy "True Stacc" Behavior

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    Trilogy "True Stacc" Velocity Not Working?!

    I am just doing some study on this cool VST and have been watching the video from the Spectrasonics sight.

    I noticed that while demo-ing a Upright patch Eric was getting the notes to bend as he struck the keyboard harder?...and when he went to a Modern Slap-True Stacc bank he was actually getting velocity controlled bends and slides from attacking the controller harder

    I do not get any of those effects? I have tried several of the Upright/Slap banks and no bending, sliding etc...response when notes are hit harder from my midi keyboard.

    Any help?

    Thanks, Jeff.

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    Re: Trilogy "True Stacc" Behavior

    you gotta hit harder!
    Those slides and bends only are triggered by the highest velocity.
    depending on your controller you really need to bang on those keys.
    Or program some sort of offset in your sequencer to make it easier to reach the top level!


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    Re: Trilogy "True Stacc" Behavior

    k, I changed the velocity settings on my controller. I have a more response now but can see the need to upgrade my controller.

    I am not in the mood to have to hit the keys as hard as I do to initiate the velocity response.

    I guess to get the most out of the software you need a really nice controller?

    I am using the MK-449C by Evolution.

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    Re: Trilogy "True Stacc" Behavior

    depending on your sequencer application you should be able to add a vcertain amount of offset to the velocity that you generate.
    That way you dont have to hit that hard to get to 127.
    You will loose a bit at the low end of the velocity scale but at least you can get those slides without breaking your keys.

    And yes-a nice controller is always a good idea!


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