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Topic: Buzz in the bass clarinet

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    Buzz in the bass clarinet

    I'm using bass clarinet in a piece for ww and strings. There is an annoying buzz like a high kazoo that sounds on some notes along with the primary bass clarinet sound. For instance, middle c is bad, c octave above is ok, a below that is bad.

    This is ruining my woodwind section. Both Plr1 and Solo (dry) are egregiously bad. The phenomenon is mitigated but not completely solved with Plr 2 or Plr3. Is there a way to get rid of this? I notice it to a lesser degree in the Dry Bb clarinet sounds as well.

    Using GPO playback with Sibelius 3.

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    Re: Buzz in the bass clarinet


    I'm afraid I'm not hearing that. This just sounds like a standard bass clarinet attack to me -- the higher partials sound first, before the fundamental has a chance to kick in.

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