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Topic: "Ethan's Dream" - by Chad Skopp

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    "Ethan's Dream" - by Chad Skopp

    Chad Skopp has submitted a GPO realization called "Ethan's Dream".


    Chad used Sibelius along with GPO Studio to realize this piece. For notation this is an excellent realization.

    The following sounds were used: Flute Solo V, Alto Flute Solo, Oboe Classical Solo, Bb Clarinet Ens1, French Horn1 Ens1, Basic Orch Perc Combo, Percussion Toys, Cymbals, Glockenspiel, Chromatic Harp 2 Lite, Stienway Piano Lite, Violin 2 Strad Ens2 (on 2 separate MIDI channels), Viola Ens3, Cello1 Ens1. Chad uses a bass section from the Sibelius Collection as well

    Chad has listed below his notes from Loyola Marymount University's concert program -- Frances Moore, director of their chamber orchestra, commissioned and performed the piece, last April.
    Program Notes

    A father certainly may dream about the arrival of his first child. Yet, when that baby sleeps, even in the womb, what comprises his dreams? Deprived of personal experience from the external world, can he even produce images or ideas based on what little he hears or senses? Perhaps his dreams are shaped by unconscious impulses inherited over thousands of years and codified in his DNA; perhaps in his dreams his mind and soul are beginning to prepare him for a lifetime’s journey.

    Ethan’s Dream is not only a present to my son, but also an imagined window into the ethereal, indefinable sensations he experiences when he sleeps. This piece is also an attempt to convey to Ethan, through music, my own bounded understanding of the complex world into which he will soon enter - a world containing beauty, love, sadness, pain, and joy. As Ethan grows up, I look forward to sharing music with him and helping him to give life to his dreams.
    This is extraordinary work and fwell written. It's amazing this was done with a notation program.

    Thanks Chad for sending this in.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: "Ethan's Dream" - by Chad Skopp

    This is a beautiful piece of music.

    I like the interplay between the piano and the various winds.

    The recording is warm and clean. I can hear distinctly the colors change as the lines move between the various instruments. Every part is rendered cleanly.

    I would love to have heard it performed by a live orchestra!

    The ending is very cool!
    Great work!


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    Re: "Ethan's Dream" - by Chad Skopp

    Thanks so much, Rob, for taking the time to listen to the recording; I appreciate your kind words.

    I look forward to hearing your music, as well.

    Best wishes,

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    Re: "Ethan's Dream" - by Chad Skopp

    Really beautiful Chad.

    U clearly have a great talent and a great grasp of GPO. I too would have loved to hear the live version.

    Anyway congrats on a great piece of music


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    Re: "Ethan's Dream" - by Chad Skopp

    Thank you so much, Chris. I'm happy you liked the piece.

    I have much to learn about using GPO...but I certainly have enjoyed working with it.

    All the best to you,

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    Thumbs up Re: "Ethan's Dream" - by Chad Skopp

    Very very nice.
    I really enjoy this one.
    I can clearly hear every instruments go on with their melody...
    Yes, really good, either in term of composition and GPO orchestration.
    Great work, my congratulations.

    All the best,

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    Re: "Ethan's Dream" - by Chad Skopp

    Tante grazie, Roberto.

    By the way, I just heard your "Adagio for String Orchestra" - absolutely beautiful work.

    Best wishes,

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