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Topic: Search sound sample

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    Search sound sample


    I search sample or the name of sample in background "Soundtrack pad weird effect" of this extract
    > see on website : "AMAZON.fr" with keyword : "Fort Boyard"
    > listen Track 4 "Boyardesque" !!! (required RealOne Player)

    I don't know where find this sound or sample name ...

    You can contact me in PM or my private mail...

    Thank your help !

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    Re: Search sound sample

    Nobody can help me ???

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    Re: Search sound sample

    Not sure about what I heard, but I think it's a sort of Aquaphone or a glass harmonica, at least it sounds like that to my taste.
    You can find some Aquaphone sounds in Zero-G ALTERED STATES and for the glass harmonica look at the VSL Horizon Series GLASS & STONES.
    Listen to this VSL Horizon Series GLASS & STONES demo from Herb Tucmandl:

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    Re: Search sound sample

    Thank you for your reply
    but it is unfortunately not that: (
    The sound is "more weird" and "more variable" that which you propose ...

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    Re: Search sound sample

    it appears that the sound that I seek, would be in the soundtrack fx/pads/synth synthetizer KORG Z1... somebody would have it?

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