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Topic: Best Sequencer to user with GS?

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    Best Sequencer to user with GS?

    I have been reading this forum for a while now and it seems that most folks are leaning toward either Logic or Cubase VST. I am presently a Cakewalk user but thinking of switching and would like to get input from both Cakewalk users and others on the best sequencer to user with GS. (note: I also user Sound Forge for digital audio)

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Best Sequencer to user with GS?

    In order to get best audio performance, take cubase. If you want to have many professional features and work with THE sequencer, take logic. But logic needs more CPU resources - less tracks, less plugins. But working with platinum is great!

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    Re: Best Sequencer to user with GS?


    The old \"sequencer debate\" still holds true. I would suggest getting demo\'s of each of the programs and picking one that has an interface that you feel comfortable with.

    The big three \"Cubase, Logic,Cakewalk\" all will do more or less the same thing as the next. \"as Holger Mentions\" Logic seems the more powerful but Holger is a power user. I use Cake having converted from Cubase. Each one of the big three has little nuances that make it a little different ie graphics,audio support.

    Good Luck


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    Re: Best Sequencer to user with GS?

    FWIW, Musicator is a great notation-based sequencer. It seems to be little known but it has excellent step entry as well as real-time transcribing to notation.

    url: http://www.musicator.com/

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    Re: Best Sequencer to user with GS?

    KIA: You mentioned that you converted from Cubase to Cakewalk. Did you make the switch because of the user interface? What did you like better/worse?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Best Sequencer to user with GS?


    A lot of people from the states use cakewalk.
    The rest seems to be divided Logic and VST.

    Soundcards..Aardvark doesnt really exist here in Oz. I can go on in the same regard about amplifiers, guitars, all types of stuff.

    It seems to me to come down to the wholesalers. Whatever they\'ve bought at the trade show..probably dependant upon what deal they got..thats what gets promoted in your region. Of course i know this being undermined by the INternet and online ordering but support issues still scare many people.

    Over here, most people use either VST or Logic. Not many cakewalk users here amongst professionals. Vision is non existant except for one or two.

    I find it all interesting. All product makers should have users lists. Not suppliers. But, having said that, they dont..so thank goodness for Northern Sounds.


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    Re: Best Sequencer to user with GS?

    THe Roland MC-50 connected to the PC via a midiman thru box.. I don\'t believe in software sequencers coz i feel ackward using them with a mouse..
    Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, what ever works for you !

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    Re: Best Sequencer to user with GS?

    Are there any Cakewalk users out there that want to stand up for their product?

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    Re: Best Sequencer to user with GS?

    I prefer Cubase Vst but i\'m very curious about the new logic.

    PaPa chalk

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    Re: Best Sequencer to user with GS?

    I used Cubase on Atari and it worked fine
    damn I wish Atari had survived!!
    Switching to PC I tried using Cubase again.
    I was not satisfied to many crashes and timing problems.
    Then I tried VST, okay a nicer interface, good plugins etc. etc.
    But something was missing, then this little voice said..\"Cat!! listen to me!, switch to Logic Audio, explore a new world, it will be your new destiny\". Yesss, REDRUM was right..
    I don\'t mean to dis Cubase or Cakwalk fans but Logic has all it needs, a very very good timing, a logical interface, environments (so you can control your studio the way you want it) and so much other usefull stuff I did not discover anywhere else, just dreamed about it..
    oh yes Logic 4.0 is here! and it has excillent plugins, the ability to zoom individual tracks!! (I dreamed about this hehe) and
    a new even better interface that just looks and feels better then anything I have seen out there.
    Logic feels Unix/Linux, the rest feels and looks typical Windows
    Which reminds me of \'Toy\'s \'r us\'.
    Sorry Bill, you do your best,
    maybe that is the problem??


    other dreams I had: http://node1007b.a2000.nl/cat

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