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Topic: K2 outputs to SX mixer???

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    K2 outputs to SX mixer???

    Can you adjust kontakts outs that
    show up in the SX mixer.
    I know that I can load different
    kontakt instruments that
    have different configs but
    I would like to be able to add
    more stereo channels to SX for Kontakt.

    thanks for the help!!

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    Re: K2 outputs to SX mixer???

    Dave - -

    What you need to check out is the "Outputs" configuration when you're using Kontakt (2? -- that's what I have) as a VSTi in Cubase SX. Probably the most convenient way is to configure a template in SX after you have modified your VSTi instance of Kontakt2 to have the number of outputs that you mostly use.

    I set mine up and saved it as "Kontakt2_16_stereo" so that when I start a new project and I know I'm going to use up to 16 stereo pairs in Kontakt2, I start with that template.

    Note that after you have set up (or are using this template) when you bring in a new instrument, you need to set your MIDI channel that controls that instrument as well as assign the audio to one of your 16 stereo pairs. (In keeping with the naming "standard" that K2 uses, I've defined mine as "st.1" through "st.16" although I will later put the name of the particular instrument in the mixing strip window.)

    I hope this helps ... KevinKauai

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    Re: K2 outputs to SX mixer???

    I can't seem to get more than
    2 stereo channels in the SX mixer.
    When I load the different versions of
    K2 (K2, K2 8 outs, K2 16outs)
    Is it true that we only have 2 stereo chanels in
    the SX mixer????


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    Re: K2 outputs to SX mixer???

    Here it is, in seven easy steps:

    You open the “Outputs” area by clicking on the “Outputs” button in Kontakt 2 [step 1]. This displays the “Outputs” section in the “rack” [step 2].

    Depending on how many outputs you have so far configured you may need to use the “Add Channel” button in the Outputs section [hidden by the overlay in this screen shot]. Unfortunately, the default “Configuration” for a new Channel is a useless name (“<new>”) and the left and right channels are set to “plugin output #1” and “plugin output #2” which would be the same as your “st.1” (first) output. This is generally not what you want.

    To configure an Output more specifically, you click on the “Conf.” Button at the bottom of the newly added Channel [step 3]. The “channel output configuration” dialog appears. Inside that dialog, you click on one of the channel/output lines [step 4] and select the desired “plugin output” channel for EACH channel [step 5]. (You may configure any particular output for up to 16 plugin outputs by changing the number in the “Audiochannels” indication, here circled in aqua.). When you are happy with the configuration, close the dialog by clicking on the “Ok” button [step 6].

    To hide the “Outputs” section in your rack, click on the close button (the “x” at the upper right) [step 7].

    When you want to delete channels from your Outputs section, you click on the channel until a yellow rectangle appears around it [as shown in the green step 1]. (It is my experience that you must click on an area that is “neutral” - - i.e., doesn’t contain another control which can be changed.) Once you have indicated the channel to be deleted, you click on the “Delete Channel” button at the top of the Outputs sections [green step 2]. Note that if you modify the output vertical slider (which is easy to do if you click lands somewhere near it) you can restore it to the default state by holding your “Control” button (or Mac equivalent) and clicking again.

    Now, your newly configured Outputs show up in your host Sequencer (assuming you are using Kontakt 2 as a VSTi or equivalent).

    I hope this helps! KevinKauai

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