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Topic: Announcing libraries question

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    Red face Announcing libraries question

    I have a question. Let's say - in pure theory - that I'm finishing relatively big solo strings library xxx, and it's my very first library and that I have absolutely no experience with distributing, sales etc. Then - do I have to pay for saying here at forum: Hi, I'd like to introduce this or this new library, that contains this and this, demos are here? Or is it allowed for free? Thanks .

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    Re: Announcing libraries question


    If you are selling your library (for profit), then you have to place an advertisment banner on this site before discussing your product. The rates are decent for the amount of exposure you and your product will receive here.

    If you are offering your library for free than you don't have to put up a banner as you are not profiting from the exposure.

    There is a Contact Us link up top where you can inquire about rates and etc.

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    Re: Announcing libraries question

    OK, thanks for the info, Alan.

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