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Topic: Memory

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    I\'ve completely maxxed out the \"memory\" in my Gigastudio system and still need to load several instruments to assemble a workable GOS section. I have PIII800, 512MB, GS160. If I increase the RAM will that give me more \"memory\" headroom?

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    Re: Memory

    If you increase your RAM you can load more instruments.Try at least 1 Gb RAM or more. Now memory is very cheap!

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    Re: Memory

    ... but before doing that look at the previous threads. That should help you decide about adding memory. Anything beyond 768Mb can cause trouble (or at least inconvenience).


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    Re: Memory

    I was doing a lot of learning about GOS this weekend and ran into similar problems. What I realized is that each file is actually a collection of smaller units. For example 1rst Violin Long Bows consists of many files such as non-Vibrato with or without legato and expression. I found it quicker to just work with the one that had vibrato, legato and expression and it was much less memory intensive. I didn\'t try, but I\'d bet you could get a full ensemble of long and short bows into 512 MB. Just single click on the little box to the left of the main title (e.g. 1rst Violins long bows) and the whole list of what\'s available will come up.

    Of course if you\'d already figured that out then disregard everything I said. I still think you could get a full ensemble into 512 MB, but it\'d be close.


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