Greetings all,

I've been doing lots of research over the summer on a major system purchase. Basically, I'm trying to put together the ultimate mobile scoring workstation built around Finale, GPOA, + JABB.

I've been a Mac guy since the late '80s, but several advisors suggest switching to Windows due to the power available/cost ratio in laptops.

So, my first anyone using a souped up 17" Mac Powerbook to successfully run Finale + GPO to score/render large projects (e.g. orchestra, big band, etc.)?

How about Windows notebooks?

Someone recently suggested getting the notebook and then adding in the new Receptor. This configuration sounds potentially very promising.
However...this brings me to my next question (I REALLY hope Gary or Tom will see this...)

Would it be possible to setup a laptop connected to a Receptor and have them BOTH render co-ordinated instances of GPO, GPOA, JABB, etc.? In this little scenario, the laptop would be running Finale and a few of the less CPU-intensive GPO instruments/samples while the Receptor would handle the "heavy lifting" in terms of complex samples with lots of polyphony.

For example:
LAPTOP CHANNEL 1: Flutes (2 parts)
LAPTOP CHANNEL 2: Oboes (2 parts)
LAPTOP CHANNEL 3: Clarinets (2 - 3 parts)
LAPTOP CHANNEL 4: Bassoons (2 parts)
LAPTOP CHANNEL 5: Alto Saxophones (2 parts)
LAPTOP CHANNEL 6: Tenor Saxophones (1 - 2 parts_
LAPTOP CHANNEL 7: Bari Sax (1 part)

RECEPTOR CHANNEL 1: Trumpets (3 - 4 parts)
RECEPTOR CHANNEL 2: French Horns (4 parts)
RECEPTOR CHANNEL 3: Trombones (3 - 4 parts)
RECEPTOR CHANNEL 4: Euphonium and/or Tuba (1 - 2 parts)
RECEPTOR CHANNEL 5 : Violin I Section (2 parts)
RECEPTOR CHANNEL 6: Violin II Section (2 parts)
RECEPTOR CHANNEL 7: Viola Section (2 parts)
RECEPTOR CHANNEL 8: Cello Section (2 parts)
RECEPTOR CHANNEL 9: Bass Section (2 parts)
RECEPTOR CHANNEL 11: Piano or Keyboards
RECEPTOR CHANNEL 12: Acoustic/Electric Bass
RECEPTOR CHANNEL 13: Auxiliary Percussion

Wow...this even leaves 3 Receptor channels for sweetening!

I guess some simple mixer would also be needed to combine the audio outs of the laptop and the Receptor as well?

Thanks in advice for any further advice and insights.

Humbly submitted to the collective wisdom of the GPO community,