I run a local GS301 instance alongside SX3, using it in ReWire mode for returns. I use a Delta 44 on this computer, and after doing the GSIF2 update with the Delta drivers, noticed that I have audio inputs available to GS3 now. So I routed QLSO and Stormdrum to the 3 & 4 outputs of my card, to a mixer and used aux sends to route the sound into the 3 & 4 inputs of the soundcard, which I created inputs within GS3 to recieve, and route eventually to Gigapulse.

As soon as I assigned the inputs to 3 and 4 from the Delta inputs with giga, crash! Computer reboots.

So, aside from purchasing the GigaPulse VST, how would one route audio from SX (or any VSTi) into GigaStudio for convolution on the same machine? I don't even know if you can use Rewire and soundcard at the same time, tho my one attempt so far gives me the impression that it may be unwise.

Anybody solve this type of problem yet?