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Topic: Strings Confusion

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    Strings Confusion

    I just wanted a little clarification on some of the strings patches. What is the difference between Sus+Short patches and the Lush patches? I noticed that Lush seems a bit quieter and seems to have a slight "swelling" to it, but couldn't this be done just as easily using CC1, or is there more that I'm missing? Also, I'm just curious: What are muted strings, and when would you want to use those?

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    Re: Strings Confusion

    The Lush strings have layered solo strings with the section strings sounds. The Sus+Short are only section strings.

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    Re: Strings Confusion

    I find muted strings work really nice for a more choral sound.

    Just a half-random thought...


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    Re: Strings Confusion

    Alright, that answers everything I needed to know. Thanks guys.

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