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Topic: GPO Studio ERROR message...

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    GPO Studio ERROR message...

    I have the most up to date version of GPO and everytime I go to open the new GPO studio1.2 it gives me an error message. I'm running a MAC duel G5, OS X Tiger, 2 gigs of RAM, and a 410 gig hard drive.

    At first the error message told me that it couldn't find the GPO VST (which is odd b/c MAC is AUDIO UNITS, not VST) so I had to reinstall it, I did. When I uninstalled the GPO I also uninstalled GPO studio. I reinstalled GPO, then I reinstalled GPO. Now the error message from Studio tells me it is 'unable to find a driver." It then locks up and I have to force quit (that is the MAC version of "end task" for the PC users reading this) for it to go away. Please help, I have compositions that needed to be done and I would like to use GPO studio on them. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: GPO Studio ERROR message...


    This is just a guess... after solving my problems with the Ambience plug-in (see the post at the top) in Cubase I learned a few things about VST, AU, where they should go, etc.

    From what I understand, GPO Studio is a VST Host only. Just because AU is the Mac OSX's native tongue doesn't mean the application will recognize that driver. I'm guessing that when you installed GPO, you just installed the AU version and not the VST version.

    Make sure you have "Personal Orchestra.VST" in the Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST folder. You can probably do this manually or I do believe the GPO installer will do this automatically, but you have to check to VST box during the installer.

    Hope this works for you...

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