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Topic: What a good XP Laptop Sound Card for Giga

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    What is a good XP Laptop Sound Card for Giga

    New to all this. I believe I need a sound card to get my Gigastudio to work. I am wondering what card is the best for a reasonable cost. I see external USB cards and wonder if they are okay or if I need an internal PCMCIA card.

    I have a Compaq Presario X1000 running XP, with an External Mircronet harddrive for sample storage/playback. I have Cubase LE installed on the machine and a FW1804 interface. I have a Boss BR1600 that I plan on using for the main audio recorder though I think I should be able to link the BR1600 with the FW1804/Cubase for expanded recording channels.

    But I stray here. I can't get gigastudio to play. I assume I need a GSIF (is GSIF2 that much better and why)sound card.

    Looking for all sorts of input here! Thanks in advance for any you wish to share.
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    Re: What a good XP Laptop Sound Card for Giga

    Ok. I am a boob. I turned off my sound card and can get Gigastudio to come through the FW1804 as some of you will no doubt suggest I do. Two issues remain for me.

    First, the concept of midi channel connectivity between my keyboard and the gigastudio/cubase seems to be escaping me. Channel vs port vs group etc. Any care to elaborate on how my midi keyboard set to midi channel one can route through cubase / gigastudio to play the samples?

    The second, more disurbing issue is the delay between hitting the onscreen keyboard and getting the gigastudio to output a sound. I hope this latency isn't normal for playback or this purchase is going to be ugly! Anyone care to elaborate on this?

    So far the literature included with cubase and gigastudio have not helped me much. Any thoughts on where one can get educated in this products? Would like to quickly more onto asking more meaningful questions of this vaulted group



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    Re: What a good XP Laptop Sound Card for Giga

    I really enjoy the Edirol UA-25's we use with our laptops for remote jobs. . . they're portable, USB-powered, reasonably full-featured, offer good connectivity options, and they're not expensive (around US$220, maybe less now). Info at http://www.edirol.com/products/info/ua25.html .

    justin thyme

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    Re: What a good XP Laptop Sound Card for Giga

    Quote Originally Posted by justin thyme
    I really enjoy the Edirol UA-25's we use with our laptops for remote jobs. . . Aloha,
    Lap tops, aha ....

    What are the specs on the lap tops? I am looking at getting one, but I'm not sure which.
    Are they P4 or Pentium M?

    Thanx ....

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