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Topic: Atmosphere vs Distorted Reality?

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    Question Atmosphere vs Distorted Reality?

    Pardon my ignorance. Am just researching.

    What exactly are the differences between these 2? Apart from one being VSTi and the other a library.

    I mean, both can produce special sounds that you can use in your songs to surprise the audience? Or what exactly is the difference?

    And, what is METAMORPHOSIS? Is it some kind of drum sample?

    Sorry for being so stupid, but, am new to this sampling side of things, and the site texts make least sense to me most of the time. If you can explain me in simpler terms?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Atmosphere vs Distorted Reality?

    There is no such thing as stupid questions. Just stupid republicans....

    Atmosphere can be thought of as a library of"pads". These are sounds that range from lush to weird ,beutiful to angry etc.. Most of these don't have so called "attacks" on these samples. They simply are an excellant source of "atmospheric; sounds that lay well for other instruments to be layered onto.

    Distorted reality is similarf but it is more specialized in strange sounds and odd samples. There are beds of percussion sound efx,pads, single hits etc. I would not put these two programs in the same category. Atmosphere, I find, is my go-to for film scoring. Didtorted is as well but for more unique sounds. I recommend both.

    Metamorphosis is a collection of urban loops that are a little stranger or unique as opposed to the other collections that are more traditional beats.I find Metamorphosis useful in unique sounds that have layers of grooves goin' on but not when I need a solid back beat groove. But really, they are extremely great sounds and provide inspiration.

    Again, your questions are great and this is the finest forum out there. It is a remarkable place - a forum that goes beyond it's purpose. Just read the SSRI and creativity link(go back a page). A brother is in pain and so many here took that pain upon themselves to help this gentleman. It is a rather unique thread and makes me proud to be a musician and more importantly a human being.

    Som pal, join in and ask away. We'll take care of ya! Kevin

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    Re: Atmosphere vs Distorted Reality?


    I agree with what you say about Republicans, and this fine forum.

    However, I can't agree with your descripton of Atmosphere. It is much more than a collection of pads. In fact it is a deep and well rounded resource for all things synth-related. While it is rich in pads it also covers nearly all the bases with a representation of most of the synthesizer technologies and sounds of past and present.

    The Distorted Reality discs (there are two sets) are really specialized resources which focus on creative sound design, wierd sounds, etc.


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    Re: Atmosphere vs Distorted Reality?

    The real power in Metamorphosis is in cutting up, mixing, and mongrelizing what's there. Very handy for all kinds of coolness.

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    Re: Atmosphere vs Distorted Reality?

    Rob- I agree with you. But I wouldn't say it covers the bases like say Ultra focus etc, You are correct in that it covers a lot other than pads but really just by count alone pads are the bulk. I was just giving a real world overview(as it applies to me)Yes. it does have basses and synth lead sounds but not enough for meina real world setting. It just doesn't have the numbers on terms of sheer bulk. But all sounds in Atmosphere are very usable and focused. So we are both correct.
    It's a difficult task, I think to cover all aspects of a program in a few short sentences so I stand corrected, But a just a LITTLE bit corrected. : ) Oh.. by the way, Stanley, one thing that Atmosphere and all Spectrasonics products do is combine patches to make up entirely new sounds. With the ability to change some synth parameters like ADSR and filters-Lfo's etc one can create new sounds in atmosphere thereby utilising the plug in as a synth rather than a play patches only plug in.It's incredibly easy and most importantly very intuitive. I love it! Right, Rob? Kevin

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    Re: Atmosphere vs Distorted Reality?

    One more thing, Stanley. Bruce is absolutley correct. The real power is in cutting up and mangling, re-processing the grooves. In fact, if I were you, I would get Spectrasonics StylusRMX. It is the host program to have for all things groove and percussion related. While Metamorphosis can be purchased seperately it's power is fully realized when imported into Stylus RMX. It is then possible to not only redo the grooves in your own unique way but one can combine the Stylus rmx grooves, both classic and new, with the Metamorphosis elements to further personalize your sounds. In fact, Spectrasonics can now import their other libraries such as Liquid Grooves(must have) Burning Grooves, Back Beat etc to fully realize a complete pkg. The trick with Stylus and all those grooves is to make decisions quickly on what you want to use - otherwise you can be listening to sounds for hours and hours and never get anything done- they are that good. Have fun!

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    Re: Atmosphere vs Distorted Reality?

    Quote Originally Posted by artsoundz
    There is no such thing as stupid questions. Just stupid republicans....
    quite inappropriate, but anyway... (and no, i'm not a republican- not even an American)

    I would suggest that the diversity of pads and "atmospheres" in Atmosphere would pretty much put it first as your one stop ambience library. I mean, beyond the oodles of options that are present within the library, you can then "start" to really tweak your sound either within Atmosphere's sampler, or with 3rd party FX.

    It rocks.
    Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm...

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    Re: Atmosphere vs Distorted Reality?

    Quote Originally Posted by artsoundz
    There is no such thing as stupid questions. Just stupid republicans....

    This is way out of line for this forum Kevin. As a new member you shouldn't be so brazen to make these kind of comments. Since you're new you don't know about the members who have been banned for mixing politics on this forum.

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    Re: Atmosphere vs Distorted Reality?

    quite inappropriate, but anyway... (and no, i'm not a republican- not even an American)
    Trust me, if you were American, you would understand!
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    Re: Atmosphere vs Distorted Reality?

    calm down boys. geez...Thanks so much for the lecture. I don't know what I would do without such wise advice. If only I were an American! Then I would know what to say so I wouldn't scare anyone with subversive unamerican thoughts. Please.I beg you to forgive me. I won't be able to sleep unless you do.

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