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Topic: OT: recomended reading or how do I get started 101?

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    OT: recomended reading or how do I get started 101?

    I had a similar topic in the OT board a while back but I got 0 responses so I was wondering...
    For you all that use programs such as Logic, Cubase, Sonar, Giga studio, Kontact, etc... as well as samples/ live players to make your music in such a ways as someone like Hans Zimmer makes music, (as compared to someone who is strictly a composer such as John Williams)How did you get started and or why make music that way rather than being that guy who just loves to play his guitar on the side of the road or in some local tavern?(haha that guy is not me I'm just speaking hypothetically.) How did you get started in the techy way of making music? What would you tell someone who is musically talented but not engineered in such a way he can connect all his new techy tools and software so they speak to one another? Have you ever taken any type of music technology classes? What would you say is the average learning curve to use programs out there like the ones I mentioned? What all would someone need to successfully play, record, edit, and master all his own work? I do not need specifics like a Computer set up, but a listing of maybe something like you would need a Sequencer (insert an example) a audio/ video editing program such as (insert program) etc. etc. Sorry for the garbled fragmented questions, I was on shortened lunch break today :P thanks for your input!

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    Re: OT: recomended reading or how do I get started 101?


    For someone starting out who isn't particularly at ease with computers my advice would be to keep it simple. I can't speak for the other tools but I have Sonar 3 Producer Edition and I can perform each function that you list using just Sonar. You can "play, record, edit, and master" all within Sonar. (Of course some of the other systems are similarly comprehensive but I don't know them personally.)

    When you start working with multiple programs the complexity of configuration and use can increase rapidly.

    Unless getting the very best for each function is important to you I think you might be better off getting one comprehesive tool and learning how to work with it. Much much easier than trying to configure multiple tools particularly if you are more interested in music than computers.

    The question then becomes which tool. The answer depends in part on how you like to work and what results you want. (And of course you can add other tools later as you get to know what your needs and preferences are.)

    Of course another alternative is to get someone to configure a set of tools for you but then you still have the challenge of learning multiple tools with multiple quirks.

    Hope this has been helpful.

    Best wishes


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