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Topic: Kontakt 2 Impulse Library

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    Kontakt 2 Impulse Library

    Hi, I am considering buying Kontakt 2 soon. I was wondering whether it is possible to use the impulse responses supplied with Kontakt in other convolution reverbs such as Voxengo Pristine Space? I'm guessing you probably can't and it's not really likely to affect my decision, but just interested!



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    Smile Re: Kontakt 2 Impulse Library

    Yes, you can use these in Pristine Space. (As I do )
    These are just .wav Files.


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    Re: Kontakt 2 Impulse Library

    Great! Thanks for the reply

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    Re: Kontakt 2 Impulse Library


    You've probably already seen this but thought I'd mention anyway...

    From the Native Instruments website...
    "Users of INTAKT, KOMPAKT or an NI sampler-based library by Zero-G, EastWest, Best Service, Big Fish or Garritan can benefit from a special upgrade price in our Online Shop. Save 50% compared to the suggested retail price! This offer expires August 31st!"

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