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Topic: Can't get Sulis

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    Can't get Sulis

    This is a big puzzle. I can not download this piece, except for about 31 seconds, and it is not the beginning of the piece. I really want to hear this, as it sounds like a great piece, as well as a grand demo of GPO virtuousity.

    I can only say that the problem is not browser specific, nor does it seem to be related specifically to Norton Firewall or IE firewall. Download size or browser cache is not the problem, and disk space available is abundant. I am able to download anything else, and anyone else seems able to download this, or stream it. With my connection, streaming is a big joke.

    The piece is Sulis, can be checked out on the demos and midi page, posted by Joaz. It ought to be near the top of the heap, since I just posted a comment there.


    added 12 Aug: The problem is now purely academic, as Joaz has sent it to me via email. But I still would like to know the cause.
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