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Topic: illogical, Mr Spock.

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    Re: illogical, Mr Spock.

    I\'m looking for the same thing for a couple of weeks now.

    Found 2 mid-way alternatives so far, but none of them seemed to work correctly here:

    * Yamaha CBX drivers (free at their website) and a nul-modem serial cable between the computers (could be PC-PC only, you should check) - 5 out/1 in unfortunately.

    * MidiViaNet (can\'t remember the URL, search this forum), streams midi data over a LAN network, buggy program and only 1 out/1 in.

    Still looking for THE solutions !


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    illogical, Mr Spock.

    I own a G4 Mac and an Athlon PC.
    I don\'t understand why I have to buy TWO (expensive 4X4) MIDI interfaces to drive Giga from the Mac.
    A simple serial or USB connection between both computers should be ok for this purpose, am I dumb or what?
    Is there a possibility for this?

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    Re: illogical, Mr Spock.

    Check out prior posts regarding network cards, I\'ve seen this problem solved before here somewhere.

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    Re: illogical, Mr Spock.

    Easy: use a MTP (Midi time Piece) or Midi express from Motu. You must connect the PC to Parallel Port and the serial port to the Mac.This will allow you to network the computers through the MTP.

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    Re: illogical, Mr Spock.

    I already own an OPCODE 64XTC with both PC/Serial and Mac/serial, I used it only for giga. Do you think your tip will work with this device?
    Thanx anyway, one MIDI interface is cheaper than 2.

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