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Topic: First GPO Piece

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    First GPO Piece

    Hi guys,

    Ok, this is a VERY OLD piece of mine; written back in college on Sibelius. I did a sort of rough modification of the Sib file for GPO playback, just so I would have a finished GPO piece. Its not perfect I know, but tell me what you think. I would love some general advice on how to get the best of GPO in the future, based on what I'm doing/not doing here.

    Muchas Gracias,


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    Re: First GPO Piece

    Hi, Matt. Good choice of instrumentation... (viola's my instrument ) I think it sounds great! I might tweak the balance a little bit (boost the harp) and be a little more connected with the mod wheel. I like to think of the mod wheel as being a continous flowing line, like a buoy bobbing up and down in a gentle wake. When it trails off at the end of a phrase, sometimes you want it start where it left off on the next note and allow it build back up.

    Though my experience with GPO is only a few months old now, this has certainly held true for me with other synths using volume or expression.

    Nice start... I'd like to hear some of your more recent pieces.

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    Thumbs up Re: First GPO Piece

    Yes I agree,
    you have done a great job!!
    This is the kind of music I prefer.
    It is really not bad for the first piece!!!!
    Your melody is really lovely!
    I think I will looking to hear all your music.

    Best from Italy,

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    Re: First GPO Piece

    Very nice piece Matt, kinda Celtic. The flute followed by the violin was a very nice choice.
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    Re: First GPO Piece

    Hi Matthew, cool name!

    I really like this piece.
    Something I think would really improve this piece of yours, is to go into the midi track and change the velocities that are too high on the flute and violin.
    GPO's mod wheel data makes all the difference in the world. If you have a midi keyboard with a mod wheel, you can use it to control dynamics. There are some places where some of the flute notes and violin are suddenly really loud. I'm not sure what software program/s you used for this.

    Check it out, hey, while I was typing, I just remembered that this is your first GPO piece, congrats. It sounds like you are having some real fun with GPO!


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    Re: First GPO Piece


    Nicely done. Especially for your first GPO piece. I really liked the harp part. As a harpist I like it when people write playable parts.

    I think what Dan has to say is important but he may not realize you are doing this with Sibelius notation and that it's not possible to ride a mod wheel. You may be able to acheive some of the same dynamics with some of the Siblius plugins.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: First GPO Piece

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan
    he may not realize you are doing this with Sibelius notation and that it's not possible to ride a mod wheel.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Gary Garritan

    Holy Cow, if you did that with notation and no sequencer then you are a stud! ha ha ha

    Thanks again for posting Matthew!


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    Re: First GPO Piece

    Thanks for all your support guys. Its great to have such a positive upbeat community with which to share music. And your advice is much appreciated.

    I think your all right that the dynamics aren't quite ideal. Even though, as Gary said, I can't ride the Mod wheel in Sibelius, I can still pay a little more attention to some details I think (and I'm learning that attention to detail is what separates the men/women from the boys/girls ). As I said, this was a piece I wrote in Sibelius years ago which got "translated" into GPO yesterday morning. I didn't really have time to get it perfect, but I was anxious to get feedback.

    Oh yeah, and thanks Gary for confirming the playablity of my Harp Part! I try to make stuff as easy as possible!!! I did have this piece played back when I wrote it, but the harp was done on a MIDI Keyboard. Didn't sound NEARLY as good as GPO does

    Thanks a bunch!

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