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Topic: Static/Wind noise with recordings

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    Static/Wind noise with recordings

    Ok yesterday i did some recordings and i didnt notice any static noise with my recordings or anything... today its unberrable! Do you think its sound card related (sound blaster audigy 2 (i know i know)?

    I have an LTO S-8 channel mixer. It seems that to get rid of this static sound i have to crank the HI EQ all the way down. Right now im playing a midi keybaord into its input... theres no static sounds coming from the keyboards speakers. I get these static sounds with my bass guitar and cello recordings as well. Before going into my mixer i have my instruments going through a Boss ME-50 multi guitar effects unit and then into a DD-20 giga delay and then into the mixer.

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    Re: Static/Wind noise with recordings

    It's almost certainly related to your soundcard. Make sure it's plugged in tight. Move any hard drive and power cables away from it. Move it to a slot far away from the video and other PCI cards.

    It's possible that the board failed - a capacitor may have popped or have a bad connection, or it developed a noisy diode/transistor. In that case, upgrade.

    M-Audio and Echo make nice, affordable products. I like the MIA, since it has balanced outputs. If your mixer has balanced inputs and you get balanced cables, that will give you the lowest noise this side of an optical connection.

    Only one caveat about the MIA: It doesn't work with the Asus A8V Deluxe mobo. (Ask me how I know this. ) It works with pretty much everything else though.


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