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Topic: Rufus?

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    Anyone here familiar with the composer/artist Rufus Wainwright?


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    Re: Rufus?

    I know he did a great version of the Beatle's "Across the Universe" that was used in the movie "I Am Sam". That kind of pushed his career up a notch.
    I have seen some TV performances - he's talented and I like his voice.
    I remember him wanting to do, like, Broadway songs & such.
    His father is, of course, Loudon Wainwright III, whose claim to fame is "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road".
    His (Rufus) grandfather, Loudon Wainwright II, had something to do with the publishing industry.

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    Re: Rufus?

    The only thing I know from him is his song "Hallelujah". That song was featured in Shrek.

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    Re: Rufus?

    Tom - It's funny you'd mention his sister. I just got his Want Two album, the finish to to the Want project he started last year with Want One, which is also a great album. Want Two Rufus described himself as being full of "the weird stuff". My opinion is not true.

    I refer the cute little diddie called "Little Sister" on the album which is of course dedicated to his little sister.

    It's whimsical, very listenable, and a very nice melody with a strong classical flair.

    I just wish he'd do more like this. With melodic ideas like these are floating around in his head, I think he would make a good instrumental composer.


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