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Topic: Processor upgrade advice please?

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    Processor upgrade advice please?

    To any hardware experts reading this (thanks in advance)...

    I currently have an MSI 845E Max2 LR mobo that has a P4/2.4 533FSB (socket 478).

    This mobo and processor works just fine, but it is a bit underpowered -- I'd like to see if it's possible to pop in a new processor and get some speed increase, so that I can take advantage of gigapulse (right now, I don't have the processor power at 2.4 -- i'd ideally like to put in the fastest processor that will work with this mobo).

    I am a novice at pc hardware upgrades (but an expert in component level repair - so my question is of compatibility), so I do not know if it's simply a matter of swapping the processor?

    Can I assume that I must replace this with a processor that has the FSB of 533?

    My current processor has HT -- but I would prefer if the replacement did not -- HT seems to cause minor conflicts with MOTU drivers. Will putting in a non-HT processor be a problem if my current processor is HT?

    Do I need a special tool to pull the processor?

    Will the os (xp pro) simply work, or will it have to go through an "upgrade" process when it sees the new processor.

    Finally, in your expert opinions, is this a wise move? The alternative (I guess) is to replace the mobo, ram, and I'm sure some other components... which is a bit more work than I want to put into this as it's running flawlessly, just a bit underpowered...

    Thanks in advance for any advice on a processor upgrade.


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    Re: Processor upgrade advice please?


    at this point in time anything but a new mobo, ram and processor would be a waste of money.

    you can turn off HT. there is only 1 intel CPU that does not have HT the new Dual cores. the Dual core Extreem does however.

    if your sticking with Intel this is what i recommend.
    Asus or Gigabyte 955 chipset
    Intel 820/830/840 processor, 2 gig DDR2 533


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