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Topic: overture question:hiding silent parts

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    overture question:hiding silent parts

    i'm trying to print a midifile of an orchestral piece, that is very big, with overture.
    the question is: since there are a lot of parts that, for most of the duration of the music are silent (so in the staves there is nothing!), is it possibile to hide their staves from the pages where they don't play, in order to save space and to compact the overall arrangement of the part?
    how can i do it?

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    Re: overture question:hiding silent parts

    Yep, there is a way! Go to the very beginning of your piece, click Score, then click Hide/Show Staves. When the little box pops up, check next to AutoHide and apply it to all the systems in the score (in the box right under the AutoHide checkbox). And *poof* . . . your score is now a reduced score!

    Hope this helps!
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