-Have read most posts on large RAM under Win98SE and vcache & other tweaks. Still
have these burning questions:

-Q: What (other than stabilizing jittery old
Win98) is the true function of a large vcache of 512000 (min& max)? I.E. -Is it similar to the RAM slider in Halion - does such a large vcache call over all of my 364Meg Grail gig into Ram?, or, is it just wasted memory? (I like the idea of a virtual RAM drive). Someone said it slows the system - true?? While on this topic - would 266 DDR ram (AMD system), give more awesome virtual RAM-Drive performance if I get such a Z-drive?

-Q: I saw a quote somewhere (Crucial Tech.?) that said Win98, even with all tweaks like we do here, is limited to 1 Gig Ram. Is this true? Can I use 1280 Meg or 1.5 Gig?
I can use the first 3 of my 4 Ram slots on my Asus P3V4X stably (voltage etc.) & could these be all 512\'s?? Is ECC Ram better than regular? I had 896 & 1024 Meg at one point, but both crashed. 768 is limit. I\'m willing to tweak further if I load more, but will look for one brand/type & use only slots 1-3.

Please, any help is greatly appreciated!

My dinosaur: P3700 (cpu bus 100MHz, L2 cache 256k), ASUS P3V4X, 3x256 (768) PC133Meg RAM, SBLive Value, Audiophile 24/96, 2xMaxtor 20G 7200 ATA100 (ATA66 on this mboard). GStudio96 ver2.20.42, vcache 326656 & 372736 plus cacheman 5. maxphyspage 28000, disabled write-behind caching etc. (works fine so far - only need to play 1 or two things at once - piano & trio stuff and/or record other tracks at later times). USB Midi on different PC.

Wish list: replace 256RAM rail #1 with 512 Meg for total 1024Meg; Replace CPU with P3866 or higher, with 512k L2 cache, 133 cpu\'s FSB speed, find reliable Z-drive (virtual RAMdrive). Maybe get WinXP??

Thanks for your patience and knowledge - happy music making everyone!! -Stories