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Topic: Giga Performance Suddenly Empty!

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    Giga Performance Suddenly Empty!

    Just opened a large and complex orchestral template to find the whole thing is empty. The file size has shrunk from 500kbs to 16kbs.... what on earth's going on!

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    Re: Giga Performance Suddenly Empty!

    Welcome to GS 3.1. Here's what I do: after I create or open a pallette and then make a change I save as xxx safe 1. Then after another change I save as xxx safe 2. After every single change I do this so I'm only one version behind if I crash and everything is wiped out. When I open the last good version I immediatly save as the next number and try again with the last change that caused the crash and save again with the next number. There are other ways but at least with this you don't lose tons of work.

    You can also export your patch list into text files so you have all the sample names as another precaution.


    Dave connor

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    Re: Giga Performance Suddenly Empty!

    OMG....this is ridiculous. It's starting to feel like owning a vintage ferrari - great performance but you are constantly fixing and working around things to keep it on the road!

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    Re: Giga Performance Suddenly Empty!

    I can't believe they are not fixing this.
    I updated yesterday, and today I get the Empty file too.

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    Re: Giga Performance Suddenly Empty!

    Even worth, now it crashes the PC when I try to save.
    Yesterday I had to uninstall, clean and reinstall GS3.1 because my Database was corrupted. I think it is an update to stay away from.


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    Re: Giga Performance Suddenly Empty!

    It's not the current update (at least I don't think so) as I've had this before 3.1 There are several threads on this now on this board and at vsl.

    Ridiculous situation for what purports to be a top flight program. This cost me significant work time, but only once. Now I'm doing the save as procedure noted above.

    But think about this: GS3 is not a beta version and Tascam is not some fly by night software company. Outrageous that this remains unfixed.

    Phone support in the UK was no help and then they stopped returning my calls.

    Is there an email way in to report issues like this in written form?


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    Re: Giga Performance Suddenly Empty!

    Do they know that for their "great" software, in fact the end users paid heavy price on frustrations, times, disappointments, as well as lost many great creative ideas. How can we value all that and more...?


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    Re: Giga Performance Suddenly Empty!

    This bug is killing me. I've wasted more time trying to back up and reload everything everyday on several machines while trying to work.
    Tascam if you are reading this....fix this damn bug right away. How can I work as a professional if my equpiment doesn't?

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    Re: Giga Performance Suddenly Empty!

    Have any of you updated your samples to 3.0 format yet? Updating has been the only positive hope I've seen regarding this issue and I'm in the process of updating everything now.

    Of course if any of you have already updated and are still getting the crash, we are back to square one.


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