I just re-installed a MOTU 2408 and a MOTU MIDI Express XT Parallel on my GS3 Orch workstation. I loaded all the latest software and drivers. GS3 works fine with the 2408 (I have it patched into a Cubase DAW), but any attempt to set the MIDI port in the system settings of GS3 freezes the GS system. (must reboot)

I'm guessing it's a driver on the MOTU XT, but re-installing the driver doesn't change the condition. I would appreciate any suggestions on where to look. Thanks for your help.


This Part Of My Setup

GS3 on PC workstation, With MOTU 2408 and MIDI XT Parallel
Cubase SX3 PC workstation with another 2408
Both workstations connected via ADAT optical